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Wireless charger clock

USD 26.525

This stylish wireless charger clock is a class apart. Strategically designed so that you can enjoy videos and audio on the phone even while it is being charged.


Wireless Charger Speaker

USD 26.525

A fast-forward in technology, this wireless charger speaker is compatible with most QI-enabled devices


Cork pen holder with wireless charger

USD 21.220

Accessorize your worktable with this Pen holder with a wireless charger. You cannot go wrong with this incredibly useful product made of fine and eco-friendly bamboo.


Cork and Wheat Straw Wireless Charger

USD 31.830

Our super smart chargers are wireless, so you can place your phone atop our charger and see power being fed to your device in no time.

Note: This product is engraved, please upload your design and a mockup shall be sent to your registered email address for approval.